While waiting, let's unveil the Reebonz

>> Monday, July 12, 2010

End of 1st half... while waiting.. saw incoming mail from Reebonz! It's the "99% off + 1% Damage = 100% Indulgence" Sale!!! Finally~~

Reebonz, is a discounted luxury brand store in Singapore. It is a private online shopping destination of premier brands and private sales; for members only and sale events last for 2-3 days before closing. Got to know bout Ribbonz from Xiaxue-the-famous-chio-blogger -(pretty attractive) 's blog. To join and participate in their sales, to enjoy the discounts; just log-in as Reebonz member. The 99% sale is only for those who RSVP before 13th June. But I'm sure there will more sales like this in the future.

Few infos from Xiaxue's blog bout what will be on sale,

Fendi Mia Zucca Shoulder Bag ($1,815) - to 99% sale price ($15.95)
Kenneth Cole Men's Sports Chronograph Bracelet Watch ($649) - 99% sale price ($3.29)
Chloe Eclipse Long Wallet ($570) - 99% sale price ($3.85)
Kate Spade Dane Tote ($780) - 99% sale price ($7.80)

Can't wait for the sale!!!


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